Introductions : The Trio


     "While our current reality is getting closer and closer to a work of post-apocalyptic fiction, the music of the Jad Salameh Trio expresses a desire to take back the narrative and to create an outlet for the touch of madness that slowly settles in us.

   Reflecting the complexity of our current state of mind, the pianist's compositions illustrate a crossing punctuated by moments of moments of wonder, vulnerability, madness, explosiveness and beauty.

   A "reflection" of a musical nature which leads us to question the deep dichotomies and ubiquitous tension present in the current state of humanity."


With Jad Salameh (Piano / Composition), Arthur Henn (Double bass) and Kevin Lucchetti (Drums)      

A note from the Artist :

        Every pianist knows that there are mandatory stops one has to make during his journey. One of the most elusive ones is the piano trio: such a classic form, yet so challenging to reinvent and define as your own.


I have been exploring this formation for many years but had to learn one major lesson before finally committing to it : I could not do it alone. The first act of composition was finding those people who stand by you and are willing abandon preconceptions for the possibility of something new.

Arthur Henn is first an incredible upright bassist, the “I can’t believe what I am hearing” kind. But even more importantly, he is a dear friend who isn’t afraid to take the leap of faith with you and dive deep into the empty space of exploration while holding on to the rope in order to pull you back in when needed.


Kevin Lucchetti is simply a drummer with no limitations, with worlds of music at his fingertips. Yet the truth emanates from the sounds he makes as you feel his deep human kindness translate into musical integrity. 

The moments shared are true yet magical. Few to no words need to be said. We let the music do the talking and in return, it guides the way.


The Trio is finally formed.