Introductions : Jad Salameh

Born in Beirut in 1985, Jad Salameh is a Lebanese-Canadian pianist based in Paris. Although obvious today, the path he has taken has been unconventional. After moving from Beirut to Montreal to study molecular biology, he discovered Jazz at the age of 20. Since, he has committed his life to tailoring his early-acquired piano skills to the realm of Jazz. Seeking a creative output to his feelings, his compositions reflect an eclectic range of emotions, a beautiful journey of discovery. He has come across diverse experiences, and many acquaintances that have shaped the music he composes today. 


His first project revolves around both his traditional heritage and modern Jazz, and goes beyond a mere combination, grasping the essence of living in between different worlds. Jad’s vision first came to life with The Jad Salameh Quartet and a first album, “Lucky Are The Ones With Voices”, and has kept on growing since, feeding on Jad’s creativity and the quartet’s thunderous energy.


Nowadays, he finds himself breaking new grounds, exploring new textures and possibilities, as a solo pianist and a composer. Giving himself a larger scale of adventure, he is currently exploring the world of the prepared piano, discovering new sonorities, creating a personal universe by re-inventing the instrument itself.