Introductions : The Quartet



French musicians Henry Grillot, Arthur Henn and Baptiste de Chabaneix understood that Jad Salameh’s music was a meeting place of two worlds, the crossroad between tradition and modernity. Through their own respective musical “voices”, they were able to give life to Jad’s vision: a world of unique voices, all working together toward a single hamonious entity.


Jad Salameh / Piano

Since the Lebanese-Canadian pianist founded the quartet, his vibrant creativity and endearing compositions provided the group with a thrilling project. Together they have performed in several cities and have recorded, with renowned singer Jennifer Grout, Jad’s debut album “Lucky Are The Ones With Voices”.

Henry Grillot / Guitar

French guitarist Henry Grillot has a nick for seeing the world from his unique perspective which translates into a particular approach to his instrument. Gifted with a spontaneous flow, he has a talent for turning complex compositions into lyrical melodies, bringing to the quartet a warm touch.

Arthur Henn / Contrebass

This mammoth of an instrument is but a simple extension of this French Musician’s body. It is but a vessel for his musicality and remarkable virtuosity. A central figure in the quartet, Arthur Henn acts at the same time as the solid ground beneath your feet and the dormant volcano choosing a fulminating awakening.

Baptiste de Chabaneix / Drums

French musician Baptiste de Chabaneix sees the drum set as an endless palette of sounds and dynamics. He is a humble colorist, in search of a universal answer to synergy. His minute attention to details and meticulous touch puts the music of the quartet in a constant state of exploration.