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Experience the haunting beauty of "The Last Tree on Earth" with this music score from the Jad Salameh Trio.

This touching composition tells the story of the last remaining tree on our planet, and the music captures the melancholy that comes with this theme.

Whether you're a fan of the original track or a musician looking for an emotional piece to perform, this music score is the perfect addition to your collection.

The sheet music includes the harmony, melody and structure, making it a concise but effective lead sheet to interpret making it accessible for a variety of musicians to bring this powerful piece to life.With the detailed notation and dynamic markings, you can easily bring out the depth and emotion of the music as you play.

"The Last Tree on Earth : It's too late, everything has dried up. A last solitary tree remains in the great plain, in the center of everything."

The Last Tree On Earth - Sheet Music

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