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Wednesday - 18/11/2020

20h - Heure Parisienne 🇫🇷 / 21h - Beirut Time 🇱🇧 / 14h - Ottawa Time 🇨🇦

C'est avec beaucoup d'enthousiasme qu'on vous invite à un Concert Virtuel du trio organisé par le Centre Culturel Canadien, le Ficep - Les cultures étrangères à Paris à Paris dans le cadre de la 18ème édition du Festival Jazzycolors 2020 !


On est très reconnaissant de pouvoir partager de la musique dans ces temps compliqués, autant plus sur une scène née au carrefour des idées et des pays ! Un rendez-vous transculturel où s'exprime à la fois nos espoirs fous, nos valeurs et bien sur notre amitié, au delà des frontières. 🇨🇦 🇫🇷 🇱🇧


It's with great joy and gratitude that we invite you to the Virtual Concert of the Trio organised by the Centre Culturel Canadien, the Ficep - Les cultures étrangères à Paris in the context of the 18th edition of the Jazzycolors 2020 Festival.


We are most definitely feeling very lucky to be able to play music in such complicated times. This is a stage that came to life out of a strong will to preserve culture and to keep our hopes, aspirations and values, alive, beyond borders and barriers. 🇨🇦 🇫🇷 🇱🇧

"Lucky Are the Ones with Voices"

Promotional Video

Directed by Hugo Blandel









New Album in the Making:

With the madness that we see taking over the end of the decade, I have found myself questioning whether or not making art in such moments is simply obsolete. Yet, after much consideration, I came to the conclusion that art might be my only sensible contribution to this world. From this conviction came about the writing of a new album of 14 tracks, each one representing a true moment of introspection, and a message that I find important to bring to light. I have finally discovered how empowering it is to convey emotional honesty through writing, and it is simply beautiful. I cannot wait to share this with you when the time is right.


But for now, let’s play play & play some more.

Meet the Trio:

Every pianist knows that there are mandatory stops one has to make during his journey. One of the most elusive ones is the piano trio: such a classic form, yet so challenging to reinvent and define as your own.


I have been exploring this formation for many years but had to learn one major lesson before finally committing to it : I could not do it alone. The first act of composition was finding those people who stand by you and are willing abandon preconceptions for the possibility of something new.

Arthur Henn is first an incredible upright bassist, the “I can’t believe what I am hearing” kind. But even more importantly, he is a dear friend who isn’t afraid to take the leap of faith with you and dive deep into the empty space of exploration while holding on to the rope in order to pull you back in when needed.

Jad Salameh Trio 4-3 ew pic Flipped Foto

Kevin Lucchetti is simply a drummer with no limitations, with worlds of music at his fingertips. Yet the truth emanates from the sounds he makes as you feel his deep human kindness translate into musical integrity. 


The moments shared are true yet magical. Few to no words need to be said. We let the music do the talking and in return, it guides the way.


The Trio is finally here.

Top Banner © Léa Ayoub Obeid

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