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Welcome to the official site of the pianist JAD SALAMEH. You will find a collection of AUDIO, VIDEO, and PHOTO media at your disposal.

For the first timers, we invite you to watch the following promotional video below to get acquainted to our musical universe. Enjoy!

"Lucky Are the Ones with Voices"

Promotional Video

Directed by Hugo Blandel

Recent News:

SOFAR Sounds Secret Concert

For those who didn't get  wind of that story, I had the chance for to play a secret but amazingly-packed-full-of-great-vibes concert under the banner of the incredible SOFAR Sounds. Such a great experience and a first of many.


Racha Rizk Nominated for the Grammys

A great news that really became for me the surprise of the year : While I had the honor to play and contribute  to the album of none other than the unbelievable Racha Rizk, I was even more baffled to know that that album "Malak" was nominated this year for the "Best World Music Album" Grammy category. This while Racha got nominated for the "Best New Artist" category. I honestly do not kow anyone who deserves it more than that wonderful human being. 


Updates & developments

The world has been going round and projects have been multiplying to no end (and may I add to my utmost pleasure). Other than the multiple collaborations with the wonderful icônic singer Racha Rizk, my new trio experiences have been growing : with the addition of the inspiring rhythm guru (ie. drummer extraordinaire Kevin  Lucchetti) comes new compositions, new recordings and albums in the making. In addition, a special project that has finally been coming to fuition after years in the making. Keep tuned to discover a new side of me that I like to call "the piano tinkerer".

Indeed : There are never enough hours in a day.

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